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May. 31st, 2025 10:37 pm
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Ensemble Stars!
Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live (Boarding Live) - PrologueChapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 • Epilogue 1 | Epilogue 2

Event Courses:
(Cheval Live) Tsukasa Suou - Special Event, "Knightly Costume"

(Tsukasa Suou Sub Story) Please Teach Me! Ritsu-senpai

Niichan Ouendan ☆
Encounter at Akane Road
I "Witch" You A Happy Halloween!

Tsukasa Suou - White Day 2018
Tsukasa Suou - 3rd Anniversary Log-in
Unit Skills (Twitter)
Knights Album Series Music Review
Knights Album Messages
Switch Album Messages
MaM Album Messages
Switch & MaM Final Album Day Message
Halloween Special: Character Commmentary from photo booklets; Knights (Ritsu Sakuma) and Switch (Natsume Sakasaki, Sora Harukawa) only
Yumenosaki Academy Courses
Seiya Hidaka Event, Another, Another (Twitter)
Diner Live Lives - Leo Tsukinaga (Emergency) Appearance, Win, Loss; Izumi Sena (Rare) Appearance, Win, Loss; Madara Mikejima (Rare) Loss (Twitter)
Fine Album Second Day, Tori Himemiya (Twitter)
Natsume Sakasaki Birthday 2019 (Twitter)
Valentine's Day Special (Twitter)
Last Period Collab Login Bonus Days (Twitter)

Other Games
(My Santa, My Hero) Rintarou Kuma [Dream!ing, Event Lesson]
Map [On Air!]
Miscellaneous Spot Talks [On Air!]
LUI (Koi Kisaragi stage actor)'s birthday message to Koi & Ai Kisaragi (Twitter) [Tsukiuta/Tsukistage]
Little ALIVE Kindergarten - Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6 [Tsukino Paradise]
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One weekend, ALIVE units SOARA and Growth visit a kindergarten for work, but something strange happens... If there are any corrections needed, feel free to let me know and I'll fix them asap!

--It's the weekend. Where are members of SOARA and Growth heading to?

Ryota: ...I was told we were helping out at a kindergarten class this time, so is it around here?

Morihito: The map says it's close. We're sure to get there soon.

Sora: A kindergarten music meetup! Sounds fun!

Ren: Yes... Though I'm a little nervous about whether or not such young children will be happy with our music...

Nozomu: It's okay! It's okay! They definitely will be!
This is where I start thinking, should I have translated it as Bratty ALIVE Kindergarten? )
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We're all still spooky, right... It's still okay, right... I took some time to impulse translate this, so please enjoy! Thank you as always to Keru for proofing my lyrics. ♪

With magic, we've arrived at 'happiness' this party time )
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Hello!! Each of the photo booklets that come with the albums have character commentary on whatever CGs were chosen for it. Since it's Halloween, I decided to translate the three Halloween-themed ones I have! (Bear in mind I only have Knights' and Switch's albums, laughs...)

happy halloween ♪ )
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Hello hello hello! I was requested to translate Keito's solo from the Akatsuki album, so I did! It's a really beautiful song, and I did my best to capture that in the translation, too. As always, if there are any mistakes or anything that could be translated better (especially more poetically), let me know! A big thank you to Keru, who proofread this for me, and Vienne, who helped me with a particularly difficult line.

Without knowing the outcome, or how far it would go, we made a wish as we took off )
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Tsukasa: Good morning, Oneesama! Fufu. Let's work well together today... Uweeh? S-Sorry, I made a weird sound... U-um, what's that?

Read more... )
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Tsukasa goes to 2-B to find one of his seniors to give him some study tips, but... Thank you Euni ([twitter.com profile] yuni_ut) for proofreading this story, as well as a few of my friends who are much better than me at this for some tips regarding translating a few lines!

Tsukasa: Senpai! Please tutor me!

Ritsu: Ehh, don't wanna.

Tsukasa: I wasn't expecting anything from you!

Hm, is Narukami-senpai absent? This is classroom 2-B, correct?

Ritsu: Ahhh, Nacchan huh~... Nacchan said something about having modelling work to do with Secchan.

I think they’re both gonna head straight home once they’re done, so Knights is taking the day off, yeah?

Tsukasa: Eeh? Well, there’s no helping it if they have work, but I'd like to be told about this sort of thing beforehand!

I feel like I'm always being treated as some sort of underling, or rather, I'm being made light of!

take tsukasa suou seriously 2k18 )
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Since these are so short, a small compilation of spot talks! Find them in the comments.

Solos: Midori (studio) | Midori (woods)

Pairs: Ren & Midori (library)
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Ryuseitai and 2wink come together for a quick strategy meeting regarding the Live, and reach a consensus on what they should do... A massive thank you to Euni ([twitter.com profile] yuni_ut) for helping out and proofing this for me, as well as pointing out some mistakes!

(The next day, after school)

Hinata: Good mo~rning.

Yuta: Let's work well together today, everyone ♪

Chiaki: Right, let's!

Tetora: Oh yeah, this work is for a Live on a ship owned by the Suou family, right?

Shouldn’t he be included in the briefing?

sorry tetora he doesn't show up again until like chapter 6 )
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A big thank you to Karen ([twitter.com profile] yui_narita) for proofing this as always, and to Euni ([twitter.com profile] yuni_ut) for some final editing! The hero show at the park goes on despite its missing members, but at least they show up in the end...

Chiaki: The red flames are the mark of justice! Burning bright red, the sun of life! Ryusei Red, Morisawa Chiaki...!

As Sengoku isn't here! The yellow flames are the mark of hope! A single miracle shining into the darkness! Ryusei Yellow! Sengoku Shinobu...!

And as Kanata isn't here either! The blue flames are the mark of mystery! The blue planet, shining within the universe! Ryusei Blue, Shinkai Kanata...!

And as Tetora isn't— wait, no, he's here. )
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A huge thank you to Euni ([twitter.com profile] yuni_ut) for proofreading this for me and giving me a few pointers! The Aoi twins sure do have the highest luck stat in all of Yumenosaki, don't they.

Hinata: He~y, Yuta-kun!

Thanks for waiting! Here's some sweets as a reward~☆

Opportunism and You: a self-help book by 2wink )
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It seems like Ryuseitai's got work to do, but Kanata's no where to be found... Thankfully, we have Shinobu Sengoku on the case. As always, thank you to Karen ([twitter.com profile] yui_narita) for proofreading this for me, to Keru for helping me on some difficult parts of speech, and to Euni ([twitter.com profile] yuni_ut) for giving it some final editing!

Shinobu: Shinkai-dono~? If you're here, I would like a reply de gozaru~?

(Mmm, he really isn’t at the fountain huh, de gozaru. He did get scolded by Taichou-dono after swimming in it during winter de gozaru.)

(If he's not here, then seriously, where could he be, de gozaru?)

(Taichou-dono said we are doing a hero show in the park today, so I was asked to find him de gozaru.)

Let Shinobu rest de gozaru. )
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Does anyone else have a small existential crisis every time they think about how big the Suou family cruise liner is......... A huge thanks to Karen ([twitter.com profile] yui_narita) as always for proofreading and editing this, and Euni ([twitter.com profile] yuni_ut) for giving it some final editing!

Tsukasa: *munch munch*...♪

Hinata: So, so? Is it good?

Tsukasa: Mm, it's very delicious. I’m happy that I finally got to eat your sweets.

Ever since I heard from Yuta-kun that making sweets is your hobby, I’ve thought of wanting to try them if the opportunity arose.

this chapter is the follow-up on yuta-tsuka conversation in fruits parlor. )
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Marvelous! Meeting you on this wonderful day has made me quite happy, Oneesama..... ♪
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A collab between Peace ([twitter.com profile] ekstermi) and I! Special thanks to Vie ([twitter.com profile] angelsbouquet) for proofreading these for us.

[Unit song] Grateful Allegiance: Giving the feeling of "dashing ahead," this dramatic track is brimming with what defines "Knights". Don't miss the lines filled with each of their gratitude!

[Leo] Birthday of music!: The innocent Leo himself is within this piece of music. Let's enjoy a Leo-like atmosphere that's unlike his unit's.

[Sena] Ironic Blue: Izumi's song has a title that's filled with "sarcasm". These lyrics are full of very Izumi-like words, delivered with a bright, upbeat tune ♪

[Ritsu] Midnight Nocturne: Ritsu's solo song is the only ballad. His uniquely sweet voice suits the piano's slow tempo perfectly!

[Arashi] JEWEL STONE: Arashi's solo is a cute, happy, jazzy pop song. It's a song that makes you want to bounce around together ♡

[Tsukasa] With My Honesty: A mid-tempo song, the lyrics were written to show off Tsukasa's serious and sincere personality. He sings them straight from the heart.